1. Mallika says she can list 20-30 films in which she was replaced
  2. Now when I look back, they look like fools, all of them: Mallika
  3. Mallika Sherawat will be next seen in Booo… Sabki Phategi Actor Mallika Sherawat says she lost out on a number of projects as male actors could not stomach her opinionated nature and replaced her with their girlfriends. The actor, who got a breakthrough withMurder almost 15 years ago, said when she looks back at all those people, they look like fools. “I lost film projects because they thought I was opinionated. I would hear from heroes ‘don’t cast her she speaks a lot and has a lot of opinions.’ They would prefer their girlfriends instead of me in projects. I can list at least 20-30 movies that I’ve lost. But it didn’t make me bitter. It was my gradual evolution. Now when I look back, they look like fools, all of The 42-year-old actor said when she started to speak about social issues, including the mindset of people towards women, no one took her seriously. “When I spoke about women’s issues, there were people in Bollywood and the media who thought I wasn’t a patriot and weren’t ready to listen. I know actresses who attacked me. But I love my country and hence this regressive mindset we have against women needs to change,” she said. them,” Mallika told PTI.

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